She Stood Strong

    Date : 01-May-2019   
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"Don't you love me?" Sahiba was asking again and again but she did not utter a single word from her lips
Because he does... he does a lot... and she knows it very well
Her eyes were drenched in the salty water people called tears...yet she was a strong girl and doing her best to control all those tears within.

Those beautiful eyes were asking the same question again and again even if they knew the answer.
Sahiba knew that he was already in love with someone else...maybe a bit more than her.
She had accepted him with this untold fact of life. Yet her love was nowhere less for him.
Her every day started with his voice waking her up & ended with his voice making her relax and sleep in his arms.
Maybe she knew it that one day he has to go. No matter how hard she wanted him to stay, she won't stop him for any reason.
It needed a lot of courage to hold herself calm even though a storm in her heart was turning into a hurricane.
Sahiba's family was completely against her decision of choosing him as her life partner. They tried their best until the last to convince her.
But the strong girl stood more strong with her love... her hero...
For the reason that Sahiba knew that she is the only courage and the only weakness he has.
She had always been his strength. Shown her faith in him when no one else did. Made him stand strong.
She had worked very hard... very very hard... And she never wants him to be low or fall down.
Together they made a great pair!
Not perfect but the best couple that was envy for everyone!! Everyone was so jealous to see them together.
Together with each other at every walk of life, through smiles & tears... in good & bads.. always together.
But this time, she was not sure that he will come back... and yet she was standing strong with all her courage & love in his support.
This is called true love... The love Sahiba had for him... The love he had for his country...
A soldier... An army officer loves his family, loves his people... out of these all, he loves his nation and its pride.