And He Turned Back To See Her

Kaveri and Danish were together right from childhood. Started as classmates, then sitting partners in the school bus and become petrol partners in the college. This was an unnamed relationship, everyone had seen them together always no matter what the occasion is. Danish was a little introvert by nature, fairly good in studies. At the same time, Kaveri was different in nature... full of life, travel freak, ambitious and chillout for everything. She never used to keep things in mind and believes ..

Do You Know What Is Still Undone?

Traveling was an important part of Rohan's job. Minimum ten days out of the month he has to be on travel, And he always enjoyed it. But this time he was a bit annoyed due to the fussy weather. At times it was raining and very next moment the bright sun was appearing with all the heat. All the time he was into his own thoughts during the travel.Rohan is the head of the CSR department of his company. Always active and charged, he gave his 100% on every project assigned to him. From the last three ..

She Stood Strong

"Don't you love me?" Sahiba was asking again and again but she did not utter a single word from her lips Because he does... he does a lot... and she knows it very wellher eyes were drenched in the salty water people called tears...yet she was a strong girl and doing her best to control all those tears within. Those beautiful eyes were asking the same question again and again even if they knew the answer.Sahiba knew that he was already in love with someone else...maybe a bit more than her.She ..

Rains After A Long Time !

And it rained!! After a long time, she got her smile back.It was a lonely evening for her. She sat in her balcony, watching beautiful sunset. It gave her hope for their meet. She looked at the clock, it was 6 p.m. “Two hours to go”, she waited for his call all day. He rarely called, but it didn’t matter much. She always called first, and never gave him a chance to call. She knew he liked that, too. Suddenly, the sky was dark. It was beautiful cloudy weather. The wind played with ..

Dawn After A Beautiful Night

He could smell her hair when she hugged him tightly. He kissed softly on her forehead as he left.She tried to stop him, but he didn’t look back. They both knew if he looked back, he would not be able to leave. It was not easy for him either, but he was left with no choice. He got on the bus, with a heavy heart. Through the window, he could see her drive away in her car. His mind began crowding with memories. He closed his eyes and remembered their first meet since they parted away.It was a warm ..

When You Miss Someone

He left his smell all over her.She felt his presence in the middle of the night. At first, she thought it was a beautiful dream; but then she opened her eyes and looked around. Her room was empty, but she could feel him. She smelled her sweater; it was him.It was not just his smell; it was all the emotions attached. His smell would leave her crazy about him all day. Yes, she missed him. She missed looking at him in the work area, she missed his laugh, she missed long drives and walks with him, she ..

The Chase

 Rohan was walking down the street after his college. It was the regular day & he was in his own thoughts. Suddenly, Rohan heard some noise... he turned back & saw the mob of people shouting & running in one direction.It didn't take time for Rohan to understand that the people are chasing a thief.Rohan was comparatively close to the person whom everyone chasing. He immediately started running towards him and very soon the thief was in his grip.Rohan was having a winning smile on his ..

Let Her Take Own Decision

I know Abhishek and his wife Priyanka for many years. Whenever I meet them, feel a lot of bonding, love, and understanding between them.Abhishek is a dreamer, he dares to think big. He never settles on ordinary things. I always amaze with his knowledge of current technologies and updates. Priyanka is very intelligent, witty and helped Abhishek in his every venture. During those days I was about to getting engaged, visited Abhishek to invite his family on the occasion.He casually asked me..

Unforgettable Holi

Neha knocked the door of cabin, "Come in...", Doctor said. Question mark was clearly seen on the doctor's face. He had just visited patients room, gave her all the instructions and settled in OPD. Just then she came following him, lot of other patients waiting outside for him.After a pause, Neha asked in low voice, "Sir, we need permission for...""For what?" he asked,"Sir, can you please allow us to take her home for few hours for Holi Puja? We feel that she will be very happy to..


Raghav had taught Meira that it is not necessary to choose between being strong and delicate...She can be both at the same time. One of the most beautiful things in this world is: A Father-Daughter relationship. The bond that they share is very unique and special. A daughter may outgrow her father’s lap, but she can never outgrow her father’s heart...

The Fun Begins

The hotel was wonderful with good service, spacious rooms, modern facilities, on call room service, and neat and clean ambience. Above that, the hotel was not at all crowded so Raghav and Meira had thoroughly enjoyed stay there. The next morning Raghav decided to visit nearby places and palaces and got a tour guide from the hotel itself...

The Journey

Finally the day came! Raghav and Meira were all set for the vacation! They were going to Jaipur. Packing was done, Raghav had kept all the necessary things for Meira as he did not wanted any trouble for his princess. Snacks for the journey, first-aid, medicines...In-case Meira got bored books, ipad and board-games were kept as backup of entertainment...

Vacation !!

Raghav had promised Meira for a vacation long time back but somehow due to the office work load he was unable to manage and sometimes due to Meira's school. But the bottom line is that little Meira was not at all happy with her daddy and Raghav was very well able to see that. Finally he applied for leave quite in advance and planned for an outing with his baby girl.The leave was approved and the destination was finalised. Raghav was happy and Meira was exited for the vacation. "You will not resc..

The Kids !

  Aunt Nirmala is going to Ahmedabad with her husband to attend a ceremony and so she is dropping in her three kids Aditi, Rewati and Bakul at her sister Pramila's home. The three kids are excited. No worries about going to school as they are having summer vacation. And here, Pramila’s children Nikki, Vicky and Sugandha are eagerly awaiting for their cousins' arrival. Their eyes are sparkling with excitement and immeasurable joy.The wait is over. They are finally dropped in at their ..

Lets Start Activity Area !!

Nandini was very happy that day. Her 6 year old darling daughter Ananya got first prize in dance competition organized by her school. Everyone including teachers, friends and family members were congratulating them. Though it was just a school competition it is the first time when Ananya performed on stage and won the prize, so everyone is very happy for her. Many of them personally talked with Nandini & Amar. They all encouraged them to search dance academy for Ananya. Amar and Nandini used ..


Mr.Gaurang's wife had Alzheimer. Both were in their late eighties.Mr.Gaurang too had problems remembering things but not that severe.At times, he used to write down things to help him remember.One evening, while watching TV, he got up and asked her whether she wants anything as he was going to the kitchen.She asked for a choco chips ice-cream.Mr.Gaurang said, 'Sure.' He was confident that he would not forget and so didn't pen it down.He went into the kitchen and after about ten minutes he returned ..

Daddy Came Home

Arti's daughter Priya was just 5 years old when Arti's husband expired in an accident. He used to work at a hospital about an hour away from their home, so he had his own room there to sleep in to save on transportation. Arti was used to him being gone for three days out..

Crazy Girl

Zoya was raised in a very strict environment. She never dared to date anybody. While she was preparing for post graduate entrance, she got married. It was a huge family. So to take care of household chores, she left her further education. In everyone's e..


"Hello Mr. Nikunj! So how are you feeling today?" asked Dr.Sarika as she sat down by her patient."Better", was the reply. And the word was repeated "Better"."Have you taken the medicines I prescribed you three days before?" asked the doctor."Yes doc...And..

Memories Of The Ganapati Festival

It was the Ganapati Festival again and just like every year Rohan's Aaji was super charged with energy that too at such old age! Rohan along with his parents use to come to their hometown every year during the Ganeshotsav, the ten days festival of Lord Ganesha...

The Only Desire

It was a breezy August day. He collapsed, groaning with pain. Nitika who was in the adjacent room, scuttled, only to find her father lying in pain on the floor. And he was rushed to casualty. A cardiac arrest. Underwent a rescue angioplasty. Tears roll..

Blessed To Have A Daughter

"Maa where are my water colors, I am unable to find them." Sia tried to scream on the highest pitch of her tiny voice."Why don’t you keep your belongings at proper place Sia." asked her mother."I had kept it carefully in my shelf, it’s not her..

Things Which Were Left Unsaid

"It appears broken"...said Chaitanya as Netrapriya and her maternal grandpa were about to sit on one of the couches inside the park. Netrapriya whispered,"We are also broken" and her grandpa burst out laughing. Netrapriya too joined him. Netrapriya's gra..

Who Is He

Somebody had rightly said..."Everyone dies alone. But, if you mean something to someone... if you have someone... you love someone... if even a single person remembers you... then maybe you never really die. And maybe, this isn’t the end at all."..

The Dream

He was sitting quietly in the last annual function of his high school; The Prize Ceremony was about to start and he was confident this time that he would get a prize. He desperately wanted a prize — to hold the precious cup, to get the applause fr..

The Real Thing About Parenting

Ananya was busy playing with her teddy bear and dolls. Nandini just finished her office work and kept her laptop aside. As she works from home. She always struggled to complete it in given time, as she also needs to complete daily house chores and then lo..

The Shy Girl

Kartik was noticing her. She was standing apart from the crowd in the entire super market. May be because she was the reason for the recent huge noise of falling boxes in the store followed by a quiet voice of apologising. By looks, she as just a girl ..

Story - The Gardner

He was pruning the plants.. in the posh gatdens of an International school, heat and dust didn't seem to affect him. "Ganga Das, Principal Ma'am wants to see you ...right now..." The last two words of the peon had lots of emphasis on them, trying to make ..

Inspiring story of success: Thomas Edison

One day Thomas Edison came home and gave a paper to his mother. He told her, “My teacher gave this paper to me and told me to only give it to my mother.” His mother’s eyes were tearful as she read the letter out loud to her child: Your ..

Story - The Kiss

Getting late for a meeting, need to run’, he said, as he slung his coat over the shoulder, and bounded out of the house. As he drove away, she came running down the stairs two at a time. ‘Wait, wait’, she said, but he had already left. ..

He Understands All

Meera was broken, in pain and in confusion. Nirav asked, "whats wrong?" "I am blank", she said. Nirav laughed. That seemed weared to her. He controled his smile and said, "look at the positive side baby.""people need to practice a lot to be in blank through ..

Story - Positive Attitude

Once a dog ran into a museum where all the walls, the ceilng, the door and even the floor were made of mirror. Seeing this the dog froze in surprise in the middle of the hall, a whole pack of dogs surrounded it from all sides, from above and below. Ju..