Are you trying to get blood out of stone

The study says most of the people leaving organizations, not due to compensation issues or policies. But due to the treatment, they receive from their supervisors (immediate management). Leadership training was organized for emerging leaders, to educate them about the difference between dictating and directing people. This training was about to understand your personality type and the people around you so that you can get the best out of them.To understand any personality type, first, we need to understand ..

They are healers, the medicine for our soul!

Mantras are sacred prayers that can be chanted for inner peace and calmness all through the life. Each mantra induces some specific vibrations in the mind. Using mantras during meditation bring us back into the present moment, silences mental chaos, reduces anxiety and creates clarity of thoughts. The word ‘mantra’ consists of two parts. The first part, ‘man’ means mind in Sanskrit, whereas the second part ‘tra’ means instrument. Therefore, we can interpret ..

Before they go away

In India, nowadays nuclear family concept is growing. Majority of girls and married women don't want to live with their in-laws under one roof. Actually, we need to understand, when we married to a person. That means we connected with that person along with their family members. Family members are not optional, they are the part of the person whom you married. We are karmically connected, that’s why we came together. Otherwise in millions of people, how you get that single person for the ..

Scientific Reasons Why Coffee Makes You Amazing

Coffee is the wonderful elixir of energy that many people cherish every single morning. Many people are familiar with what coffee is, but what many people don’t understand is how coffee actually works and what are some of the amazing benefits of coffee that actually make you a better person for drinking it. Can coffee really be that good for you?Let’s find out. Caffeine is a natural central nervous system stimulant and is the ingredient found in coffee that gives us the boost that ..

Why people are good or bad to us

When someone comes in our life, we start judging them based on their appearance, own gut feeling, others opinions or past experiences. Over the period of time, we build some image in our mind and label that person is good or bad. The more important factor in labeling process is "Gut Feeling". Scientifically, we can say its “Vibrational Energy”.Every individual emits some kind of vibrational energy. We influenced by that energy and feel positive or negative about each other.Suppose ..

Process of Anti-Aging

My wife ordered some clothes online. When delivery boy delivered the cloths, she was very excited. She unwrapped the box and showed to me and said joyfully “This is for baby”. I said “good”. Then she turned to her mother and asked. Her mother started praising the cloths very enthusiastically “Wow, it's so colorful, attractive. Good choice” and all that.That time I realised that, my response was very superficial. Earlier on my such responses my wife use to say, “You..

Resolve Your Inner Conflict

My manager friend Kaushal Thakor asked me "Will you able to join this training?"I casually responded, "I have a lot of things to do, but will try". He paused and smiled mischievously, then questioned: "What does it mean?".Then he started..

Why Do We Miss Someone

She asked me today, "Why do we miss someone?"A simple theoretical answer as written in books was missing means to be either connected or disconnected. to miss people means to love them, to be partial to them, incomplete without them, and therefore missing the other part of what makes you whole.But this doesn't solve the query of the turbulent feelings.Every wonder why do we miss someone? ..

9 Albert Einstein Quotes That Are Totally Fake

Don't believe every quote you read on the internet, because chances are huge that it might be fake !!Today, we have nine quotes incorrectly attributed to Einstein that you may have seen swirling around the internet lately. They're all fake.1. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.Einstein never said that. And neither did Benny Franklin. Salon has a good round-up of people using this quote in various political contexts because politicians reall..

Who hurts you!!

When Abraham Lincoln became the president of America, his father was a shoemaker. And, naturally, egoistic people were very much offended that a shoemaker’s son should become the president. On the first day, as Abraham Lincoln entered to give his inaugural address, just in the middle, one man stood up. He was a very rich aristocrat. He said, “Mr. Lincoln, you should not forget that your father used to make shoes for my family.” And the whole Senate laughed; they thought that ..

The Mask

They say, everyone has a story but not everybody tells it. Everyone has a secret, some are darker than others but everybody has it. The dangerous part about this is that we are oblivious about these secrets. Not that it’s any of our concern about other people’s secrets, but in some way they affect us as to the way we connect with them. Some secrets can even influence our connections with them. Sitting in a garden beside some old guy, can you even guess what his story is? Even if you are ..

When One Door Closes Another Opens

 Alexander Graham Bell made the famous announcement, "When one door closes another opens." This quote may seem overly optimistic; but, there are many scientists and entrepreneurs that originally failed in their endeavors only to learn from their mistakes and move forward.Alexander Graham Bell had many failures and setbacks in both his career and private life. However, he did not use these as reasons to quit; rather, he forged new opportunities for himself, his family, and his career.Missed Opportuniti..


Delhi’s smog flashed news everywhere. All media was covering the news all day and all newspapers topping the headlines of the national emergency. Citizens of the country who lived in Delhi feared of the diseases and were worried about their breathing; while the citizens of the country who did not live in Delhi were wondering how the people must be living there and what it must be like literally choking up...

The Rise And Rise Of Solo Life

Human societies, at all times and places, have organized themselves around the will to live with others, not alone. But not anymore. During the past half-century, our species has embarked on a remarkable social experiment. For the first time in human history, great numbers of people – at all ages, in all places, of every political persuasion – have begun settling down as singletons. Singletons are people who live alone; but they are neither lonely nor isolated. Living alone is what people ..

Love Redefined

 Walking past the street, I saw a couple in their mid-twenties, holding their hands together and laughing. I stopped by to see how happy they were. Suddenly, after a while, I saw another guy approaching towards that couple. He took the girl’s hand and they both left leaving the other guy without even saying goodbye. He looked sad as the girl left. It appeared to me as he was in love with girl but she was already hooked up with another guy. After watching the scene, I moved on my way. The ..

The World Beyond

Human beings in the 21st century are running. Yes!! Everyone we see is running after something; be it a goal, a desire, an ambition, a mission, an obsession or a craze. No one knows how to walk and stop by. Everyone has become a machine and is surrounded by machine. The same routine every day; getting up at the same time, reaching the office and doing the tasks and completing the deadlines, stressed about work even on vacation, the same frustration every day, no time for happiness, no reason for..

Remembering Kalpana Chawla

Today we remember a brave soul, immortal daughter of India, Kalpana Chawla on her 15th death anniversary. She and her six crew-mates perished Feb. 1, 2003, over Texas as Space shuttle Columbia was re-entering Earth's atmosphere.She was a dreamer who dreamed of reaching to the stars and by real hard work and patience made it true!! In a pre-flight interview of fateful mission Columbia (STS107) she was asked about her journey from small town in India named Karnal (Haryana) to NASA.She answered this ..

Politicians And Their Adorable Pets

Most of us treat our pets like members of the family: we enjoy their company and we do everything we can to ensure their happiness and well-being. And this is same with all. Lets have a look at politicians and their adorable pets...

Liberation From The Material World

Bhakt Pralhad's plea to Lord Narsimha Deva to bestow mercy on his father Hiranyakashipu fascinates me. Despite all the inconveniences imposed upon him by his father, Pralhad had affection for him. When asked by Lord as to what boon he wants, Pralhad requested the Lord not to destine his father to Narak (Hell).He asked the Lord to excuse his father for all his sinful activities. This was the only thing he asked for. He further added that his father was not bad and he hated the Lord due to lack ..

Spine Care & Posture Program

Recently I attended “Spine Care & Posture Program" conducted by professional practitioners/doctors, organized by Art of Living (AOL) team.I was waiting for this program for long time, was so curious to do this program due to course contents.  The program duration was 4 days (3 hours per day in morning or evening) and charges were very nominal.They covered some exercises, yogasana, correct body posture, tips on acupressure and meditations.Trainer and coordinators were really very helpful ..

Psychologist Test

Most people have fears and anxieties. Often they are adaptive and rational emotional responses. But in many cases, fears and anxieties are not adaptive or rational. They do nothing but create huge and unnecessary barriers that block us from moving forward in life or simply from feeling better about ourselves. In order to realize and face your own fears—which may have been repressed years or decades ago—take the advanced psychology test below. Which image scares you the most?#1: ..

What You See First

It’s a well-known fact that human beings can only see a small percentage of all light, which means that we can only see a small percentage of everything that’s present in the world. However, it’s also known that the human mind often captures whatever info it can in order to make “educated guesses” as to what reality is at any particular moment. What’s more, tools like ink-blot paintings can actually reveal significant insights about an individual’s personal ..

Stop The Abuse Of Alcohol

While Alcohol is the most widely promoted, produced, and legal of all mind altering substances, Most people don’t even stop to consider the effects and consequences alcohol consumption has, physical or spiritual.Alcohol is the most widely promoted and produced mind altering substance there is, and it is legal too. On the downside though, most people don’t stop to think over the physical and spiritual impacts of its consumption. It is a well known fact that the consumption of alcohol ..

If You Are Not Happy Now, You Will Never Be Happy

Intention behind achieving every goal in our personal or professional life is to become HAPPY. If we look back and retrospect our life. We spent most of the time in frustration and looking for better tomorrow. For example when I was in school, want to go to college, thought “I will get rid of study and will enjoy the college life”. In college, got frustrated due to lot of assignments and exams. When got a job, started climbing corporate ladders like junior programmer, programmer etc.When ..

Habits Of Couples Who Are Deeply Connected To Each Other

It's what we all, at some level, want: a relationship in which we're seen for who we are, and loved for that person, unconditionally. Yet it often seems impossible to find, let alone maintain. People who are genuinely connected to one another tend to beha..

A Son Every Parent, Every Nation Wish For

One evening, in a village in Punjab, a boy aged 3 years stepped out for a walk with his father. His father was accompanied by a friend. They were chatting as they walked on and went beyond the village. The elders were walking along the edge of a field. No..

From Bhagavadgita

Lord Krishna, who is none other than the supreme God Vishnu incarnated in the form of human in Treta yuga to restore Dharma. Though restoring Dharma is the key reason, Lord Krishna hadn't stopped by there but taught us a lot. He taught us everything, abou..

Tejas - India's own Light Combat Aircraft.

The Tejas, or ‘radiance’, is an indigenous fighter aircraft jointly developed by Aeronautical Development Agency and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. It is the smallest lightweight, multi-role, single-engine tactical fighter aircraft in the worl..

Ancient India: Full Of Scientific Innovations

Vedas and ancient Indian science theories are often considered as the most advanced works in the world from their era. There are scientists taking who are fascinated by the knowledge of the ancient Indian scholars and dedicated their life researching on t..

The Most Inspirational Quotes by Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs left a legacy behind – a legacy of computers, smartphones, music, movies, and more. His life is without a doubt, one of the most successful stories of transformation in the world. Jobs went from being fired by Apple in 1985 to being rehir..

Quotes By Walt Disney

Walt Disney was an international icon. He paired his creative genius with his ability to dream to create The Walt Disney Company, which today is worth over $100-billion. Disney’s never give up attitude is responsible for some of the most well known ..

Sources Of Wisdom

Nature - It’s where we came from. Going back to where we came from instead of being indoors in manmade environments is a great way to learn more about ourselves. Wisdom is acquired from nature when we simply observe the natural state of things wit..

Newton Stole Concept of Gravity from a Hindu Gurukul

It is known to modern world that Issac Newton discovered universal gravitation in 16th century when he observed an apple fall from a tree . But Prasnopanishad (6000 BC) described the force that pulls objects down and keeps us grounded on earth without flo..

About Being Spiritual

We can read all the quotes, conspiracy theories & sacred texts we want, but the truth about being “spiritual” is that walking the path is extremely challenging. It will require us to constantly check ourselves on our behaviour, belief..

Loka in Hindu Mythology

The enigma of the universe and that of reality itself is very well elaborately recognized in different scriptures of Hindu mythology. What Hindu mythology says is that all beings that dwell within the universe dwell in different realms within it. Now thes..

Sleep Disorders

None of us can deny the fact that sleeping is our first love and will always be. Even if you do deny, it's a given that you have to sleep sooner or later. By the way, do you know if you don't sleep for more than 72 hours you have a precise chance of dying..

Bhai Dooj

Bhai Dooj – as the name suggests “Bhai” meaning Brother and “Dooj” means second- means the festivals of bonding between brothers and sisters is celebrated on the Dwitiya Tithi.In Nepal it is celebrated as Bhai Tika, in Bengal..


Deepavali arrived from the word “deep” and “avali” means a row or line of diyas. Deepavali or Diwali which is one of the brightest and significant festivals amongst all the Hindu festivals. The enthusiasm and the preparation going ..

Narak Chaturdashi

The second day of Diwali is observed as Narak Chaturdashi or RoopChaudash or Roop Chaturdashi. It is also referred as Chhoti Diwali as it falls just a day before the festival Diwali. It is said to be the day which removes the evil inside. The rituals are..


“Dhanteras” is derived from two Hindi words “dhan” & “teras”. Dhan means wealth & Teras means Thirteenth. Dhanteras is being observed on the thirteenth day of the Kartik month.Dhanteras is also referred as &ldqu..

Sanskrit Is The Most Scientific Language - NASA

Sanskrit is the finest and most accurate language to have ever existed on earth. The Sanskrit letter sets were found by the Rishis in profound state of meditation. Those letters in order are acoustic foundations of Chakras of human body. So while speak..

Signs Of Depression

Life is all about up’s and down. Some days you might feel low and at times you have your high. However, for those who are suffering from depression, it’s more than just feelings of temporary sadness. For some people, depression symptoms are so..

6000 Years Old Lord Rama and Hanuman Carvings Found In Silemania, Iraq

One of the major triumphs of modern archaeology was the hair-raising discoveries of Sir Leonard Woolley at Ur. Amidst the ruins of Ur, he unearthed a Ram-chapel but totally missed its relevance in world history. This crucial finding not only bridges the w..

Get Back In Shape With Yoga Asana

Advanced Sun Salutations or Surya Namaskar - Challenge yourself with this high-intensity sequence. Sun salutations are typically performed at the beginning of a yoga routine as a warmup. This series links your breath and movement with rhythm. This ..

Famous Brands Formerly Known As

Google, formerly BackRubThe world’s most popular search engine, Google, was originally called BackRub in 1996, when its founders Larry Page and Sergy Bin collaborated at Stanford. But the information labyrinth was registered as a year l..

Differences Between The Genders On Basis Of Zodiac

Although the topic of gender is constantly evolving, some astrologers believe that due to our social construct, as well as our genetic makeup there exist dominating characters between men and women. What have you noticed about the opposite sex who is yo..

Unique Dussehra Celebrations

Vijayadashami also known as Dasara, Dusshera or dussehra is a major Hindu festival celebrated at the end of Navratri every year. It is observed on the tenth day in the Hindu calendar month of Ashvin, which typically falls in the Gregorian months of Septem..

Invoke Adi-Shakti To Kill Our Inner Demons

Navratri started last week and my friend asked me "How do you celebrate Navratri?". He must be anticipating answer like Garaba or Jallosh (some other celebration).I said "We do Durga Sapshtati path (दुर्गा सप्तशती पाठ) Or Durga Stuti".He said "Why?"That q..

Shiva’s Trishul

Trishul is one of the most powerful weapons mentioned in Hindu texts and epics and is wielded by Lord Shiva .Lord Shiva's Trishul-Astra, or trident, has come to be associated with numerous triad attributes. 2. Shiva’s Trishul represents the thr..

Myths Behind Her Moods

Last week, Nia went to her aunt’s house and as she was about to enter the puja room, her aunt came running and whispered in her ear “You don’t have it do you ?”.She replied in the negative. Aunt then smiled and proudly told her tha..

Heart Touching Quotes From Stories By Munshi Premchand

Munshi Premchand a.k.a Dhanpat Rai, the pioneer of modern Hindi and Urdu literature is famous for his heart-touching real life stories.He is considered one of the greatest literary figures of Hindi literature. He began writing under the pen name "Nawab..

You Are What You Eat; You Become What You Think

Eating isn't just about satisfying hunger. We're like an athlete in our respective workplaces, we spend all day confronting challenging mental tasks, the brain's nutritional demands are greater. So we should eat like an athlete.At the very least, that m..

The Other Side Of Kaikeyi

We had known only one side of Kaikeyi.She was part of things that were destined to happen.Had there been no Kaikeyi, there would have been no vanvaas (exile), no kidnapping of Sita and therefore no eradication of the asur (demon kings).Tulasidas says that..

The Name - RAM

Ram (/ˈrɑːmə/; Sanskrit: राम, IAST: Rāma), also known as Ramachandra, the seventh avatar of the Lord Vishnu, was born to Kaushalya and Dasharatha in Ayodhya. Shree Ram was born on the ninth day of the lunar month Chaitra (March–April)...

Facts About Buddhism You Never Knew

1) Buddha wasn’t Fat! Ok, so think about this: if Buddha spent most of his time meditating, fasting, living off vegetarian food, and hiking everywhere, how would he get fat?Answer: he wouldn’t.The idea that Buddha was somehow fat is actually ..

Dissolve Self Ego to Spread Happiness

Whenever we fail in our professional or personal life, its human tendency to find someone and blame it for our failure.For example, if I am expecting certain amount of hike/promotion in my job and if I don't get it. It’s very easy to blame company p..

Never Give Up To Keep Going

Regardless of what other people think, if you have an idea that you truly believe in, don’t give up on it just because they tell you to. People are slow to accept change and new ideas can often seem stupid or unreasonable. However, if it weren&r..

Road Trip And The Beats!

The road trip! Of course, you can’t drive in complete silence—well, you can, but the very thought is giving us a flat tire—so we’ve compiled our list of the best road trip songs to get your vehicle running and kick your highway jou..

Ganapati Bappa Moraya !!

After ten days of excitement and enthusiasm of performing puja, aarati, enjoying delicious prasad in Ganesh Festival comes a day of Immersion... Anant Chaturdashi. The day when we take promise from our beloved bappa to come early next year. People from..

Why Do We Worry So Much?

As we get older and look back on our lives, many of us will think, "I wish I'd worried less." We come to recognize that worry isn't worth what it can cost—tension, poor sleep, irritability, fatigue, problems concentrating, and general unhappiness. A..

Emphasis On Children's Education

Few days back, a very disturbing video of an approximately three-year-old kid being taught maths at home got viral on WhatsApp.The tutor, whose face cannot be seen, appears to be a family member and she's teaching the child to recognise numbers from one t..

Important Lessons From Maa Kali

One of the most famous stories of Maa Kali is of battle between demons and goddesses. According to the eighth chapter of Devi Mahatmya from Markandeya Puran, there was a demon named Raktabija (literal meaning - blood seed). He had been given boon by Lord ..

Bindi: The True Meaning

The small dots between the eyebrows are some of the most widely recognized cultural marks in the world, and carry with them a huge significance to the culture of India. Earlier, people would either use chandan or kumkum as a bindi or tilak. It is now aft..

The Broken Tusk Of Lord Ganesha

There are various anecdotes which explain how Ganesha broke off one of his tusks. Devotees sometimes say that his single tusk indicates his ability to overcome all forms of dualism. In India, an elephant with one tusk is sometimes called a "Ganesh". We a..

Nostalgic School Days!

“Teacher I had done the homework but I forgot the notebook.”“Do you forgot to bring your lunchbox ever? Then how do you forgot your notebook?”“Sorry Teacher, I will show you the homework tomorrow.”“No, do it two t..

The Ray Of Sunshine On A Rainy Day

Write a diary! Has always been one good old advice from my dad. I have written a diary all my life. OK! I know it sounds boring. Where is the time! Who has a pen to do the same? Duh! We all are busy juggling between Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram etc and I..

War Or Peace

During the final stage of World War II, the United States dropped nuclear weapons 'Little Boy' and 'Fat Man' on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 and 9, 1945, respectively. The United States had dropped the bombs with the consent o..

Siblings: The First Chapter Of Teamwork, Leadership And Management

Our siblings pay a very important role in our life. Siblings are the first chapter of our life for teamwork, leadership and management. My brother and I have an age difference of about 4 years. I am elder to him. Our relationship has evolved in a fantasti..

Fall In Love With Books

A library is a good place to go when you feel unhappy, for there, in a book, you may find encouragement and comfort. A library is a good place to go when you feel bewildered or undecided, for there, in a book, you may have your question answered.One of th..

Priceless Souvenirs Of Indian Heritage

There was a time when India was known as Sone Ki Chidiya (Bird of Gold). India always had a very rich heritage, which with the passing time and uncountable invaders and dacoits, was looted and taken away from India.India's history is having numerous los..